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Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Planner's Home Office

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March 3, 2021 by Karine Copur

I am thankful for the lockdown in a way because it allowed me to rethink my home office and how I wanted to spend my days there 😊. I wanted a place that would be warm and welcoming and that would make me feel excited to be there every single day.

Last summer, I discovered a book that changed my life. I learned how getting up earlier in the morning to focus on myself before my kid wakes up and the day starts (those of you with kids can probably relate) and practicing 6 simple steps will help me get up in the morning, be more productive, help me reach my goals slowly by working towards them every single day and overall feel happier looking at my progress and all my achievements.

This is how I regained confidence and control over my life. As an example, I wanted to get back in shape, so I started with a 30-day challenge working towards my goal and I lost 10 pounds the first month! Every month, I try working towards another goal for 30-days to get where I want to be.

To start my morning routine, I got this beautiful mauve armchair and the matching ottoman to have a cozy place where I can write in my gratitude journal every morning, remember the things that I am thankful for, and get ready for the day by acknowledging my fears and working on overcoming them.

After writing in the journal, I read a little bit of a book that I have been wanting to read but never have the time for it. You know what I'm talking about, right? Reading it in the morning gets me out of bed because I know it will slowly help me reach my goals.

I also try to do some meditation, to clear up my mind, make some room to focus on the positive, and calm those running thoughts.

After that, I work out for about 20 minutes, so I have no excuse to say I do not have the time afterward or am too tired...I've been using the One Peloton app which offers so many choices with different lengths of time to accommodate everyone's needs.

I am so grateful for all the experiences I've had in my life, the chance I got to study at UCLA, gain experience in various industries in 3 different countries (France, USA & Canada).

Grateful to have come across The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, a professional and fun place where I was able to become a certified wedding planner 💍 and destination wedding specialist ✈

I enjoyed remodeling my home office to showcase my personality and chose 3 colors to redesign it: gold, mauve/blush, and black. I would have preferred white instead of black picture frames for my diplomas but since my wall is cream color, the black frames gives a better contrast.

I received this picture frame of my son for Christmas with the inspirational quote "Success is the result of Perfection, Hard Work, Learning from failure and Persistence" from Colin Powell.

Every time I look at it when I feel down or overwhelmed, I remember my son not giving up and trying to put the blocks back one on top of the other and that gives me the courage to go on.

This French-inspired wall art was perfect for my home office and matched perfectly with these gold frames. I loved the macarons, the Eiffel tower, and the chandelier which reminded me of my hometown, Paris.

I am proud to be able to feature my brand as well with a glass of champagne🍾 and some macarons, it's never too early or late for that especially when you're French 🤫

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have ( or on Instagram at @champagne_and_macarons, I'd be happy to connect and discuss themes & colors with you.

Xo, Karine

Picture frames & Diploma frames from Ikea | File folders, expandable file folder & gratitude journal from Amazon | 2021 Planner from Indigo | Workout app from Peloton | French decor wall art from Etsy | Chair, lamp & end table from Wayfair | Custom mug from Vistaprint

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